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Get Fast Results With ClearCorrect Aligners

January 15, 20232 min read

Summer is a time of change, and it’s not surprising that one of those changes for many families is the need for braces. Adolescent patients often start using them during summer months when their schedules are more open to allow for the adjustment to this kind of treatment. Of course, not all options for realigning a smile are equal. There are some that allow for a more discreet adjustment, and different options operate at different speeds.

For adolescents and adults looking to minimize the visual impact of braces during treatment, Clear Correct braces offer all the advantages of smile realignment while remaining invisible and comfortable to wear. They are practically invisible, and they get results quickly.

How the ClearCorrect System Works

Technically, this treatment is not a set of braces in the traditional sense. Patients are not going to have to worry about brackets and wires, and the apparatus is actually removable. Instead of using brackets, aligners are made that fit over your teeth like a snug retainer, only they cover the teeth completely. They need to be worn for at least 22 hours a day, but they get results quickly. You can remove them for eating and drinking, too, so that makes it easier to enjoy all your favorite foods during treatment.

Advantages to ClearCorrect

  • See initial results before the school year starts

  • Comfortable

  • Discreet

If you or your kids are looking into braces, ask the dentist about options for clear aligners. They can be used to treat most moderate and mild misalignments, and many patients prefer them. Getting started is easy. Just contact our office during regular business hours and ask to make an appointment with Dr. Delrose. Make sure you let the staff know why you’re coming in, too. That way, we’ll be ready to answer all your questions about the ClearCorrect system when you come in. Getting the smile you want has never been this easy.

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