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full mouth reconstruction in ELLENTON, FL

Renew, Restore, Rejoice: Full Mouth Reconstruction Benefits

Enhanced Speech Clarity and Communication
Long-term Oral Health for a Sustainable Lifestyle
Tailored Solutions for Individualized Oral Care Needs
Time-Efficient Treatment Plans for Busy Lifestyles
Lifelong Benefits of a Well-Maintained Oral Structure
Transformative Impact on Overall Quality of Life
Experience a transformative journey with Full Mouth Reconstruction. Renew your smile’s vitality, restore dental health comprehensively, and rejoice in newfound confidence. Discover the myriad benefits of this holistic approach to achieving a radiant, functional, and lasting oral transformation.

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Meeting Aesthetic Smile Goals, the Functional Way

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“Here at North River Dental we are prepared to help you get on your way with the way you like your smile. We want to customize the treatment just for you. ”

Dan Delrose, DDS

Have you been living with multiple oral health concerns that have made it difficult to eat the foods you love or smile confidently? If you are suffering from gum disease, missing teeth, misalignment, other issues, or a combination of all of these, you may benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. This comprehensive treatment plan incorporates several restorative dental procedures, often combining them to save you time and money. From dental implants to custom restorations and orthodontic services, we can lead you from start to finish in your journey for a more attractive smile. We will provide you with a comprehensive oral examination to create a customized treatment plan that best matches your smile goals and oral health needs.
full mouth reconstruction

Gain Confidence, Function, and Balance

Your smile can be one of the first things people notice about you. Many patients find that their confidence increases after their smile has been restored. Patients who undergo a full mouth reconstruction can also perform everyday tasks, such as eating and speaking, with greater ease. The health of your mouth depends on its parts working harmoniously. Your gums, tongue, lips, teeth, jaw bone and joints, nerves, and blood vessels all work together as one system. Your oral health can be greatly compromised when it becomes imbalanced. A full mouth reconstruction can help you achieve a revitalized smile that strikes a healthy and beautiful balance between aesthetics and function!
full mouth reconstruction

Reconstructing Oral Structure

A full mouth reconstruction can replace missing teeth, repair damaged teeth, correct a misaligned bite, straighten teeth, and replace worn dental work. We may recommend addressing certain oral health issues prior to beginning your full mouth reconstruction.

Dental Implants
We offer both single tooth and full-arch solutions with dental implants. The ideal tooth replacement option, dental implants support a healthy jaw bone, restore tooth function, and improve facial aesthetics, and are a permanent and healthy restoration option.
Same-day Crowns & Bridges
Our technology allows us to create custom dental crowns and bridges in-house, enabling us to restore compromised teeth or fill the gap of a missing tooth in as little as one dental appointment.
Custom Restorations
We offer a full range of custom restorations, including fillings, inlays, and onlays. For teeth that are not bad enough to require a dental crown, these restoration options successfully restore full function and aesthetics to the tooth.
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Show Off That New Look! Discover the Magic of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Transform your smile with mouth reconstruction! Our experienced team will help you show off that new look and feel confident in your own skin.
Full Mouth Reconstruction

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore commonly asked questions about full mouth reconstruction, from procedures and costs to recovery. Your comprehensive guide to understanding this transformative dental process for a revitalized smile.
What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?
At North River Dental, Full Mouth Reconstruction is a comprehensive treatment addressing multiple dental issues simultaneously. It involves a combination of restorative and cosmetic procedures tailored to enhance both function and aesthetics, ensuring a complete oral makeover.
If you suffer from various dental problems like missing teeth, severe decay, or bite issues, you may be a candidate. Our experienced team in Ellenton, FL, will assess your unique situation to determine the most suitable treatment plan for your individual needs.
The duration varies based on the complexity of your case. Our skilled dentists at North River Dental will provide a personalized timeline during your consultation, taking into account the specific procedures required for your full mouth restoration.
Full Mouth Reconstruction can encompass a range of treatments, such as dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, and orthodontic solutions. We tailor the combination of procedures to address your specific oral health and aesthetic goals, ensuring a comprehensive and effective treatment plan.
Insurance coverage depends on your individual policy and the nature of the procedures included. Our knowledgeable team at North River Dental will work closely with you to understand your insurance benefits and explore financing options to make your full mouth reconstruction accessible and affordable.
Recovery time varies based on the procedures involved. Some patients may experience temporary discomfort or mild swelling. Our Ellenton, FL, team will provide detailed post-treatment care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery and guide you through any necessary downtime.
Yes, Full Mouth Reconstruction aims to not only enhance the appearance of your smile but also improve functionality, including bite alignment. Our skilled dentists at North River Dental will assess your bite and recommend appropriate procedures to optimize both aesthetics and function.
While the longevity of results depends on factors such as oral hygiene and lifestyle, Full Mouth Reconstruction can provide long-lasting improvements. Regular dental check-ups and a proper oral care routine will help maintain the health and longevity of your restored smile.
Yes, Full Mouth Reconstruction can be tailored to address temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues. Our experienced team will evaluate your symptoms and incorporate appropriate treatments to alleviate discomfort and enhance the overall function of your jaw joint.
Simply schedule a consultation at our Ellenton, FL, clinic. Our dedicated team will conduct a comprehensive examination, discuss your concerns and goals, and create a personalized Full Mouth Reconstruction plan to revitalize your oral health and rejuvenate your smile.
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To give you a beautiful and functional smile, Value Implants and Dentures utilizes the latest dental implant procedures and technology.

New to North River Dental. Broke a tooth. They got me in the next day, put a temporary crown in, and now waiting for the permanent one. The staff and dentist were friendly, thorough, and efficient. The cost was lower than they originally quoted me, so they are honest too. So far, so good!
Saul Fineman
March 13, 2024
I’m not a client of North River Dental,instead I’m apart of their extended family. This is how I feel about the staff,and the quality of care exceeded the 5 stars. That’s why I constantly recommend it to family and friends.
Wendell Martin
March 12, 2024
I had bad experiences as a kid going to the dentist and I have anxiety when I go. So I stayed away from dentists. Needless to say my teeth got bad as I aged. I needed dentures and I went to North River Dental for implants and I was quite anxious about the procedure. The dentist and staff were very understanding and explained the process to me. My fears soon left as the procedure was painless and the outcome was great. It’s been 3 years since I had it done and I’m glad I chose the folks at North River.
John Johnson
March 6, 2024
Everyone was very friendly and professional. I could tell that they put the welfare of the patients first. Every procedure was fully explained to me. I felt very at ease there I highly recommend them
Nancy Bruhn
February 23, 2024
Dr. Delrose Is absolutely best Dentist in a whole wild world!!!! Thank you for your professionalism, compassion and thoroughness. Also thanks to all the staff and specially Dena 😁🙏
Vera Lombardi
February 20, 2024
I first started going to NRD in the early 80’s and they have always given my family excellent care. The staff are always professional and Dr. Steinberg is very knowledgeable and experienced! Highly recommend!
Linda Ivey
February 11, 2024
I’ve always had great experience going to North River Dental. Staff is very friendly. Everyone is very good at what they do very professional. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Paula Dooley
February 7, 2024
Dr. Steinbrenner and Syble were amazing as usual. I always feel so comfortable when I come in like we’ve known each other forever. Thanks for making my dental experience a positive one! Syble and I could be sisters she is so fun I enjoy her immensly.
Deborah Sutton
January 20, 2024
I was very pleased with my first visit to North River Dental. My hygienist was Jeffa and she was very professional and thorough with my exam, and made me feel very comfortable with the experience. I highly recommend them!
Deborah Reynolds
January 20, 2024
I got the smile I always wanted! I chose these folks because of all the positive reviews I found on Google. Looks like they’re gonna get another one. Doc Steinberg is the real deal and I will definitely be recommending this office to all my family and friends. I had to make multiple trips due the extent of work required, and I was greeted with a warm smile and friendly service every time. I can’t say enough about the people in this office and how pleasant my experience was. Yes a pleasant experience at the dentist! Go figure.
John Hartmann
January 18, 2024
My husband and I made the decision to try NRD after having some bad experiences at our last dental office. We were both blown away by how welcoming the staff at NRD were. Thank you Bonnie, Vanessa, Dr Raj, and Tayla for making my first exam and cleaning so enjoyable!
Erika Pacher
December 22, 2023
Love North River Dental. I have been a client there for 17 years. Some staff may come and go, but the quality of service is consistently superior. Friendly front desk, knowledgeable support staff and wonderful doctors are the hallmark!
Regina Housel
December 8, 2023

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Meeting Aesthetic Smile Goals, The Functional Way

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. A confident smile can make all the difference in how you’re perceived by others and how you feel about yourself. Transform Your Grin with Confidence and see the difference it makes in your life.

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